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The Madras Crocodile Bank – We Don’t Bite!


Every animal has our sympathy, except when it is a crocodile. These gnarly toothed, rough-skinned reptiles are feared by many, after years of them being given the villain’s role in fairy tales and novels. Founded by 2 men who loved crocodiles like their own children, this trust in Chennai’s sole purpose is to protect the reptiles, and if history speaks for itself, they have been doing a successful job for the past 40 years. They …

Auroville Beach in Pondicherry, a tranquil haven


The city of Pondicherry is always an intriguing place to visit and explore. Visitors seeking Pondicherry accommodation will be pleased by the Hotel Atithi Pondicherry, a well-reputed hotel which offers quality accommodations and courteous hospitality. Visitors to Pondicherry particularly those interested in Indian spirituality should make it a point to visit the renowned Auroville. This remarkable township aims to foster human unity and solidarity bringing together people of all nationalities and ethnicities around the world. This township is …

Chandramouleshwara Temple – A Decaying Glory


Temples dedicated to various Gods are very common in any part of India. On that note, Chandramouleshwara Temple, situated in the state of Karnataka, is a valuable historical place that many visitors miss to visit. The Gateway Hotel Lakeside Hubli is an excellent accommodation option to experience a truly local yet luxurious vacation when you visit the state of Karnataka. It is amongst the leading hotels in Dharwad Hubli and provides top class facilities and services. Chandramouleshwara Temple, the …