Bangalore Aquarium – the second largest aquarium in India

Being one of the most significant tourist destinations of India, Bangalore is a city which is popular for its places for sightseeing. Apart from that the city has a number of museums, nature parks, wildlife sanctuaries, different types of religious worship places to entertain the visitors. With different types of shopping streets and shopping malls, the visitors are given an opportunity to shop for anything that they need.

Among the many landmarks in the city, the Cubbon Park most commonly known as the Garden City which was originally created in 1870 lies in the centre. Apart from the natural beauty that can be enjoyed, this park has a variety of historical monuments and buildings that are integrated. The Bangalore aquarium is located in one of these buildings. After having leisure walks through the park enjoying the trees and shrubs and the historical monuments, you can visit this aquarium to witness a large variety of aquatic life.


The most important feature of this aquarium is that it is created in a way where similar natural habitats of the fish are created. Started in 1983, the aquarium is spread throughout three floors of the building. The Bangalore aquarium is known as the second largest in the country.

The museum displays both cultivable and ornamental fish. Another specialty in this place is that it homes only fresh water fish which are both native and exotic. Indian tiger barb, gold fish, eels, red-tail shark, freshwater prawns and blue gourami are some of the species that are available. On the 1st floor of the building, cultivable fish are displayed in 14 big tanks. In the other two floors ornamental fish are displayed in small and medium sized tanks. This would be a wonderful experience to aquatic lovers and little kids.
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