Kerala Ayurveda – The Cures of God’s Own Land

The secret of the success of Kerala Ayurveda is that about 1,500 species of the 2,500 medicinal plants found in India come from the renowned forests on the Western Ghats of India, most of which belong to the Kerala jurisdiction. Clever locals have been in the business of concocting syrups, ointments and oils using these many plants and seeds, but all with the intention of whole heartedly curing another human being.

Ayurveda is a science that recognizes the human body to be made of five integrated elements and in the event any one of these five is disturbed, the imbalances which are created are to be rectified using Ayurvedic treatment. The oils, massages, decoctions, antidotes, baths and even yoga play a pivotal role in maintaining the equilibrium of the human body. The magical curative powers have overthrown Western medicine at times and found permanent cures for certain ailments that have baffled Western medical practitioners. These herbal medicines have proved their efficacy for over five millennia and there are few or no side effects of resorting to them, thus making them even more popular.

Since Ayurveda treatment in Kerala is available at various rates, you are sure to find a place to suit your purse. The high end Ayurvedic resorts look after your correct dietary requirements in addition to the other physical and mental healing. People from all over the world flock to Kerala to receive medication; Maldivians and other regional neighbours probably seek these medicines just as much as Indians from other parts of the country. Kerala is a one stop treatment spot that will cure a multitude of illnesses, weaknesses and get you back on your feet for good.

Just like the Ayurveda treatment is available at varying rates, it is possible to find a 3 Star Hotel in Kerala that will suit both your needs and finances. A Kerala resort will have alluring powers in addition to the spas and health boutiques which heal, rejuvenate, fix and rekindle. Poovar Island Resort is one such option that apart from a range of contemporary comforts, also offers a variety of traditional treatments that help you find balance for mind, body and spirit.

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