Anna Square – Memorial dedicated in tranquil surroundings

India is a melting pot of cultures, history and incredible sights. Despite being home to over a billion people, visitors will be amazed at the rich heritage, virgin terrain and beautiful monuments the country showcases.

Chennai, formerly known as Tamil Nadu is a popular South Indian tourist destination. Acting as a gateway to the south of the country, the state hosts a variety of museums, temples, monuments, parks and other attractions for the varied traveller.

Among the sights for tourists is the Vivekananda House & Museum, housing the history and work of the revered Swami Vivekananda. While the Gudiyam Caves bear witness to prehistoric times, both the Elliot’s Beach and the Marina Beach, draws travellers seeking to avoid the bustle of the city. The Kapaleswar and Sri Parthasarathy Temples are of prime importance to Hinduism and dedicated to Lords Shiva and Krishna respectively.

Despite Chennai being noted for its industrialization, the Anna Zoological Park is a sprawling lush forest home to several species. Set over an area of over 500 hectares, this reserve is considered to be among the largest in the South East Asian region.

An important sight to be seen in Chennai is that of the Anna Square memorial. Located close to the Marina Breach area, this memorial is dedicated to the esteemed leader of the Dravadian movement Arinzar Annadurai. As the word ‘Anna’ denotes elder brother, this edifice also houses the mortal remains of this revered guru. Adjoining this memorial is also another structure, which is dedicated to MG Ramachandran, considered by many as the leader who pioneered the development of the city of Chennai.

Anna Square is surrounded by a lush park. Beautifully laid out, it is spread over several hundreds of hectares. Many visitors flock to the park seeking calming surroundings. The park also houses a museum, a safari park and even an aquarium.

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