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Thrissur Elephant Festival, Kerala- Witness a Grand Spectacle of Gentle Giants in Temple Fest


As one of Kerala’s most engaging local festivals the Thrissur Elephant Festival is one of the finest cultural showcases in southern India. With an illustrious history that dates back over 200 years the Thrissur Elephant Festival in Kerala is one of the oldest cultural festivals in India. With its spectacular elephant procession covered by Events and Festivals Blog websites locally as well as internationally, the event can rightly be called one of the top temple …

Serene Varkala – Recent Tourist Destination in Kerala


Home to Papanasam beach Varkala is a tranquil town in the state of Kerala India. The beaches are secluded less crowded and quite beautiful. Varkala is also popular for pilgrimages and is well worth a visit for a touch of traditional India. A Varkala hotel ideally would be one based besides the sea and stunning cliffs, if you would like a touch India in your accommodation check out the elegant Gateway Hotel Janardhanapuram Varkala. This beautiful hotel sits …

Boat Rides in Poovar River: A Soothing Experience


Selected as the “State of States”, the Indian state of Kerala is extremely popular for its thriving tourist allure and gorgeous beaches. This natural beauty combined with the colourful cultural atmosphere of the State makes Kerala a must visit for any tourist in India. While there are around ten thousand festivals held and celebrated by the people of Kerala including harvest festivals, and temple festivals, Kerala also boasts of a delectable cuisine which does not …