Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden – For a Pleasant Evening Stroll

Located in the Indian state of Karnataka, the city of Hubli is one of the largest cities in the area. While the city has been subject to recent development in the economic and industrial sectors, its allure as a tourist destination has received a boost as well. For tourists staying in hotels in Dharwad Hubli, there are a number of attractions that merit mention such as the Siddharoodha Math, the Chandramouleshwara Temple, the Nrupatunga Hill, the Unkal Lake, the Gangubai Hanagal Memorial Musical Museum, the Navagraha Teertha, the ISKCON Akshaya Paatra and the Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden. If you are still contemplating on visiting the city, these attractions should rank on your list of places to visit and in terms of accommodation options, settle for the best and stay at The Gateway Hotel Lakeside Hubli.

Exploring a new city is both an exciting and exhausting experience, especially when there is a lot to see and you are short on time. Catch your breath while taking in the sights at a public garden or recreation centre such as the Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden if you are exploring Bangalore.

This public garden is filled to the brim with beautiful sights and charges a nominal fee of ten rupees for entrance. The Garden derives its name from a large glass structure that resides within its parameters. Visitors can opt to walk around the garden or choose to climb aboard the small train that makes its rounds around the park regularly. The best time to visit will most likely be during the weekend for on Saturdays and Sundays the Garden hosts a musical fountain that is truly a sight to behold. In addition, the Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden is filled with statues, monuments and intriguing structures that a pleasure to behold.


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