Gandhi Museum – A walk through the Life of the Father of India

Mahatma Gandhi is without a doubt the most renowned personalities in Indian history. Many a times he is known as the father of the nation and his words and life are of deep significance to Indians today. He fought for the nation by resorting to means of peace and dialogue in an era that was overshadowed by brutal force. After Gandhi was unjustly assassinated, the Indians commemorated his life by establishing a museum in his memory. There are 5 major Gandhi Museums around India and the Gandhi Memorial Museum in Madurai is the South Indian tribute to Gandhi’s memory.

The Gandhi Memorial Museum is the best option for you if you want to know a little about this famous man while visiting South India. The Museum is located in the city of Madurai and is in fact the biggest attraction in this city. Many choose the Gateway Hotel Pasumalai Madurai, a popular Madurai hotel if the museum is a priority in their agenda. There is so much to absorb about the great Mahatma Gandhi when visiting this location. In fact the Madurai Museum is the very location that houses a part of the blood stained garment that Gandhi was wearing when he was assassinated. The Museum also houses the original letter written by Gandhi to Narayanan Sathsangi of Devakottai and Gandhi’s congratulatory message to freedom fighter Subramania Bharati. The most interesting letter found in this museum is the one Gandhi wrote to Adolf Hilter; this is one letter that must not be missed. There is a special exhibition on display titled ‘India fights for freedom’ which tells the story of the freedom movement through a series of 265 illustrations.

Finally head over to the Visual Biography of Gandhi where photos, paintings, sculptures and manuscripts are all on display depicting the different phases of this great man’s life. Museums dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi are some of the most sentimental locations in all of India.


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