Hand Crafted – St Aloysius Church

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St Aloysius Church is a part of St Aloysius educational complex set in a 37 acre campus in Mangalore. Built by Jesuit priests in the late 19th early 20th century, the interior of the church on Chapel Hill has been compared to the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

Designed in the traditional manner of a basilica with a domed apse at the end, a clerestory and side corridors, the church is renowned for its glowing Baroque interior, a combination of murals and architectural decoration. The eyes of anyone entering the church is drawn immediately to the row of murals on the flat ceiling above the nave depicting scenes from the life of Aloysius Gonzaga to whom the church is dedicated. The students in the college are encouraged to emulate he who gave up earthly pleasures to serve the poor and the sick. The sloping ceiling panels on either side portray the Apostles. A series of garlands held up by life size painted angels connect the pictures. Every surface of the church interior is painted and the paintings are remarkable in their detail and nothing seems to be repeated. Bro Antonio Moscheni was the artist responsible for the paintings. His master piece is considered to be the paintings behind the altar depicting Jesus as a friend of children. This is also the largest mural in the church. Other murals depict instances from the life of Jesus. The 600 sq meters of murals have been executed by directly applying paint onto fresh wet lime plaster thereby embedding the colours in the lime plaster as it dries. The paintings on the ceiling on the other hand are oil on closely woven pure linen canvas. Interestingly the architectural elements are painted to resemble marble, granite and other valuable materials. Another interesting feature is the three dimensional hexagonal blocks painted on the floor that is intended to give the sensation of climbing steps. The sun streaming through the Belgian stained glass windows light up the church interior dramatically on most days. Considered a national treasure the church comes under the purview of a special national board that supervises maintenance work on the paintings and monitor restoration. Many who have seen the paintings agree on their great beauty and comment on the serenity of the church premises. Mass is still celebrated here daily.


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