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Golden Triangle in India – a guide to creating unforgettable memories


India is a land of remarkable beauty and diversity – from its spectacular landscapes to medley of regional cuisines – India is truly a land like no other. Whilst there are several stunning Indian cities that have captured the imagination of every traveller, a visit to India would not be complete without experiencing the Golden Triangle. Encompassing the fascinating world of the Moguls and Rajputs, the Golden Triangle takes you through Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. …

Rashtrapati Bhavan, a magnificent compound


The imposing Rashtrapati Bhavan is the official residence of the President of India. This name is used to signify the mansion itself, or the entire 320 acre compound including the vast gardens, expansive open spaces and other features. Few residences of the Head of State anywhere in the world compare with the Rashtrapati Bhavan in size, magnificence or beauty. Today the compound stands as a symbol of Indian independence and national pride. The building was …

Birla Mandir


If you happen to be spending a holiday at one of the hotels in New Delhi Airport such as Eaton Smart, New Delhi Airport Transit Hotel, take some time to head out and explore nearby attractions. There are various places of interest within easy reach of this New Delhi Airport hotel including Birla Mandir. One of the city’s leading tourist attractions, this temple dates back to 1938. Dedicated to Narayana and Laxmi who is the goddess of prosperity, Birla …