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Birla Mandir


If you happen to be spending a holiday at one of the hotels in New Delhi Airport such as Eaton Smart, New Delhi Airport Transit Hotel, take some time to head out and explore nearby attractions. There are various places of interest within easy reach of this New Delhi Airport hotel including Birla Mandir. One of the city’s leading tourist attractions, this temple dates back to 1938. Dedicated to Narayana and Laxmi who is the goddess of prosperity, Birla …

Mughal Gardens – A typical example of Islamic Architecture


Mughal Gardens is one of the main attractions among the tourists in Delhi and is indeed a beautiful garden that would surely take your breath away. This garden was constructed by the Mughals using Islamic designs of architecture adding much glamour to the historical buildings in Delhi. The Mughal style used in this garden is influenced by the Persian gardens. This is proved by the Charbagh structure present within the premises. There are spectacular features …

Lotus Temple – New Delhi’s Baha’i House of Worship


The Lotus Temple in the Indian capital of New Delhi gets its name from its shape which resembles the aquatic flower. It is a House of Worship for the Baha’i faith which combines elements from nearly all major religions. Built in 1986, the temple is just one of eight major continental Baha’i Houses of Worship and is considered the Mother Temple in India. The Lotus Temple was designed by renowned Iranian architect Fariborz Sahba and …