Mughal Gardens – A typical example of Islamic Architecture

Mughal Gardens is one of the main attractions among the tourists in Delhi and is indeed a beautiful garden that would surely take your breath away. This garden was constructed by the Mughals using Islamic designs of architecture adding much glamour to the historical buildings in Delhi. The Mughal style used in this garden is influenced by the Persian gardens. This is proved by the Charbagh structure present within the premises. There are spectacular features like fountains and pools inside the walled enclosures which are certainly a marvelous creation. It is now a possession of the government of India.

There are specific dates and periods where you could enter the gardens and explore the Islamic styles and the beautiful garden still highly maintained. In every year from February to March the Mughal Gardens are opened for public viewing. From the start of the Empire of Mughal, constructing this garden was a pastime activity and was pioneered by Babur who was the first Mughal King. These gardens have a flawless texture made with absolute craftsmanship and hard work by giving the best to the tiny art work. There are number of gardens in India that signifies Mughal architecture. These Islamic gardens have a nomadic influence as well which descends from Turkish Mongolian ancestry. The significant feature of these precincts is that it is hidden from the outer world and creates its own beauty in seclusion. One would fall in love with the greenery and well tended plants and flowers that makes the place simply breathtaking.

The Mughals added Quranic references their garden and trying to make it an absolute paradise. Even though it cannot be visited whenever you wish you can plan a trip to the Mughal Garden if you keep an eye on the dates its open for the public. If you are planning on visiting the Mughal Gardens you can reserve a New Delhi airport hotel beforehand so to make your vacation pleasant. Eaton Smart New Delhi Airport Transit Hotel is a great place to try out on your Delhi vacation. Out of the hotels in New Delhi airport this one is renowned to be outstanding in every way and it is positive that you will definitely enjoy the stay.

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