Mananchira – A Man-made Freshwater Lake in the Heart of Kerala

When one speaks of freshwater lakes, no one can deny the magnificence of the Great Lakes of the United States of America and Canada where five freshwater lakes combine to form the largest group of its kind in the world. While Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world, it combines with Lake Huron, Lake Michigan (the largest freshwater lake within the United States of America), Lake Erie and Lake Ontario to celebrate this achievement. While the Great Lakes were formed naturally, presumably subsequent to the last Ice Age, humanity has taken to creating such freshwater lakes across the world for a variety of reasons. Mananchira found in the Indian district of Kerala is one such example created by human agency.

Initially constructed to serve the purpose of a bathing pool to the feudal ruler of the city in the 14th century, this freshwater lake is within accessible distance from hotels in Calicut. Though it was used for a variety of purposes from the 14th century onwards, in the 19th century using the lake water for bathing or washing was prohibited and up until this day, water from Mananchira can be utilised only for drinking purposes. The lake is quite scenic and with the addition of the Mananchira Square which surrounds the lake, it is also a wonderful place to visit for an evening stroll by those staying at places such as The Gateway Hotel Beach Road Calicut. Around the lake one can find a bust of S. K. Pottekkatt as well as a sculpture of Pathummayude Aadu.

Mananchira Square itself is home to an open air theatre as well as a pleasant musical fountain and provides its visitors with the opportunity to relax and enjoy its soothing surroundings. The Square promotes an aura of tranquillity and this combined with the scenic beauty of the freshwater lake makes for an exquisite evening stroll.


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