Boat Rides in Poovar River: A Soothing Experience

Selected as the “State of States”, the Indian state of Kerala is extremely popular for its thriving tourist allure and gorgeous beaches. This natural beauty combined with the colourful cultural atmosphere of the State makes Kerala a must visit for any tourist in India. While there are around ten thousand festivals held and celebrated by the people of Kerala including harvest festivals, and temple festivals, Kerala also boasts of a delectable cuisine which does not discriminate against vegetarians. Whether you enjoy meat or not, dishes such as Sadhya, a typically Indian vegetarian meal, is a something one must sample when in Kerala and this is so whether you stay at a 3 star hotel in Kerala or are backpacking and opt to sample the dish from a local vendor. Add to this lethal combination the fact that the state considers its elephant population an integral component of its identity and integrates them into the culture and society of the state, Kerala becomes more and more like the ideal tourist destination most travellers dream of.

At the edge of the state one can find the quaint village of Poovar whose renowned beauty has travellers fleeing the more commercialized areas for a taste of village life. This village was well known for its production of sandalwood, spices and ivory centuries ago and its backwaters presently attract a number of tourists staying at a Poovar island resort who seek to enjoy a peaceful cruise.

For tourists wishing to do so, a number of operators offer guests with the option of such cruises in Poovar, in particular, the Neyyar River. These packages usually allow tourists and locals alike the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sights of Poovar from a different perspective. For a peaceful and idyllic ride through the backwaters of this village, contact your hotel or resort in advance to arrange the cruise for you.

Thanuja Silva is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Auburn Silver. She has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.


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