Try out some fine Bangladeshi cuisine – Delving into the World of Exotic Flavors

Throughout the nation of India, there are delicacies that will give your taste buds a whirlwind experience. With delicious flavors and enchanting aromas, the Indian Cuisine is a renowned favorite around the globe. But what is regarded as Indian Cuisine is sometimes not always originally Indian. Neighboring nations such as Pakistan and Bangladesh share very similar flavors and is sometimes commonly mistaken as Indian food. In India one can experience a marked distinction between each of these similar yet different Cuisines. Especially in a city like Bangalore which is adorned with throngs of non Bangalorians and variety in cuisine is always high in demand. The Bangalore luxury hotels are popular destinations to taste distinct and authentic flavors from round the globe. The Bangladeshi Cuisine offered on some nights at Alila Bangalore is a particular favorite.

Staple ingredients in Bangladeshi Cuisine are Rice and Fish. The Rice is also accompanied with lentils and several other vegetables. The Bangladeshis like Indians give a lot of regard to their spices. Spices such as Chilies, Cardamoms, Coriander and mustered ect are usually ground and made into a paste before incorporating it into the dish. Any item with ‘jhol’ (gravy) is usually heavily dressed in spices. However, you do get spicy ‘gosht Bhuna’ (dry) dishes as well. Playing with a few common vegetables, dishes are created out of common methods such as frying, batter frying, roasting and boiling. The breads like Naans, chappatis, Luchi, Bakhorkhani and Porotas are common favorites and are usually consumed for breakfast or dinner. Rice dishes are common for Lunch. The most festive rice dish in Bangladesh is Biryani. Cooked in a unique methodology, the Buriyani boasts the most mouth watering aroma.

A Bangladeshi Cuisine is not complete without the Bengali Sweets. The Bengali Sweets are created out of a variety of ingredients and is known for its intense yet delicious sweet taste. Common favorites include, Rasgulla, Rasmalai, Sandesh, Kheer, Mitha Doi, Khaja and Mua. If you are trying out this exotic Cuisine, you will be left craving for more once you indulge in these delicious desserts.

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