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What to Know Before You Visit Chennai – Experience a bustling traditional city!


With a population of over 10 million people, Chennai the capital city of Tamil Nadu, is certainly not a small metropolis! It is India’s fifth largest city and one that has firm roots in storied history and culture. Interested to learn about what you should know before visiting Chennai? 1). The Local Lifestyle Chennai doesn’t have any iconic landmarks or global attractions that tourists flock to see. Chennai is also not renowned for an extraordinary …

Thrissur Elephant Festival, Kerala- Witness a Grand Spectacle of Gentle Giants in Temple Fest


As one of Kerala’s most engaging local festivals the Thrissur Elephant Festival is one of the finest cultural showcases in southern India. With an illustrious history that dates back over 200 years the Thrissur Elephant Festival in Kerala is one of the oldest cultural festivals in India. With its spectacular elephant procession covered by Events and Festivals Blog websites locally as well as internationally, the event can rightly be called one of the top temple …

Bollywood – Where the memories last forever


For the lover of classic Hollywood movies, visiting Hollywood in the United States of America is truly a dream come true. As Hollywood is home to the main offices of the main movie producers such as Fox Century, Paramount and Warner Bros, the area is filled with temporary and permanent film sets where many an iconic movie or television series has been set and filmed. Hollywood lies at the heart of the multimillion dollar movie …