What to Know Before You Visit Chennai – Experience a bustling traditional city!

With a population of over 10 million people, Chennai the capital city of Tamil Nadu, is certainly not a small metropolis! It is India’s fifth largest city and one that has firm roots in storied history and culture. Interested to learn about what you should know before visiting Chennai?


Idli | Image Credit : Soumya dey, Idli Sambar, CC BY-SA 3.0

1). The Local Lifestyle

Chennai doesn’t have any iconic landmarks or global attractions that tourists flock to see. Chennai is also not renowned for an extraordinary nightlife. If you’re looking for serviced apartments in Chennai while you immerse yourself in the culture, there are tons of choices like Citadines OMR Gateway Chennai for example.

2). The Local Cuisine

Seafood is plentiful here, Chennai being situated along the coast. Vegetarian food is the more common theme found here. There’s also plenty of snacks found on the streets in various stalls, like idli, chickpeas and vada with sambar!

3). The Local Culture

Originally a bunch of small villages located in close proximity, it was only after British colonialism which industrialised the region into what it is today. Chennai is a very conservative city and clothing and other customs must be respected!

4). Tips to Remember

Uber is the best way to get around. Homeless people begging for money can get fairly aggressive. And finally, look both ways multiple times before crossing the road!

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