Bollywood – Where the memories last forever

For the lover of classic Hollywood movies, visiting Hollywood in the United States of America is truly a dream come true. As Hollywood is home to the main offices of the main movie producers such as Fox Century, Paramount and Warner Bros, the area is filled with temporary and permanent film sets where many an iconic movie or television series has been set and filmed. Hollywood lies at the heart of the multimillion dollar movie industry and a visit to Los Angeles is incomplete without visiting Hollywood. For those visiting Asia, its oriental twin lies in the heart of Mumbai. Known by the subcontinent as Bollywood, the Indian film industry is beloved not only by Indians, but also by other neighbouring Asian countries. Every now and then Hollywood and Bollywood collaborate as seen in Quantico where Indian actress Priyanka Chopra plays the lead role in an American to series or Bride and Prejudice where American actress Alexis Bledel appears in an Indian adaptation of the popular British classic Pride and Prejudice.

Given the popularity of Bollywood movies in countries such as Sri Lanka as well as the intermingling of the two in certain genres, travel agencies such as Mackinnons Travels Sri Lanka often arrange for highly demanded Mumbai Sightseeing tours that include a visit to Bollywood.

Mumbai Film City Tours is one such tour that provides tourists and film enthusiasts alike, the opportunity to explore Bollywood as well as learn about its history. The tours are conducted in both Hindi and English and are thus, accessible to all. In addition, one need not worry about missing a tour for it is conducted on a daily basis and commences with a brief introduction to Bollywood as well as its history.

While on the tour, tourists can visit a number of locations such as the Court Khandala Bridge, the Lake Reserve Garden and the Helipad Temple and feel the vibe of Bollywood.

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