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Cubbon Park – A Lush Green Getaway in Bangalore


Dating back to over a century, Cubbon Park offers an idyllic lush green escape in Bangalore. Also known as the Sri Chamarajendra Park, this picturesque site enjoys a central location in the city and was established by Sri John Meade in 1870. It is home to rich plant diversity and features approximately 6,000 plants and trees that offer a tranquil setting in which to enjoy a leisurely stroll with family and friends. As you explore …

In Tune with the Inner Self – Garden of Five Senses – A Place to Awaken Your Senses


A unique answer to the need of a public space for the people of Delhi to meet and relax, the Garden of Five Senses is a 20 acre space conceived to provide a series of attractions to appeal to all the senses and to provide a respite from the daily grind of their lives. The garden is also the venue for a series of cultural and other festivals throughout the year during the different seasons …

Explore the Famous Monuments in Delhi – Simply Amazing


Delhi is one of the most famous historic capitals in the world that holds a history which dates back to ancient Indian kings and maharajas who chose to live luxury lives in colossal palaces. The remains of a proud history at present have turned into famous tourist sites visited by thousands of curious travelers. There are still facts about the Indian history that remains a mystery and unsolved. The ancient forts, mosques, palaces and historical …