India’s Silicon Valley – Swelling the Numbers

As a huge number of firms engaged in research and development, electronics and software production is concentrated in Bangalore it has earned the sobriquet India’s Silicon Valley drawing comparisons with the major US IT hub in Santa Clara Valley California. Technological heavy weights such as the Indian Space Research Organization, Infosys an Indian multinational engaged in software engineering, IT and outsourcing services and Wipro another IT giant all have their headquarters in Bangalore. Among the smart Whitefield hotels Bangalore is Alila Bangalore, in the heart of the business district offering just the right facilities and amenities for business travelers.

Contributing to making Bangalore a demographically diverse, the second fastest growing metropolis and a major economic centre in India are the many respected educational and research institutions that have set up facilities here in addition to public sector heavy industries, technology, aerospace, telecommunication and defence organizations. The city is also the hub of the Kannada film industry. Bangalore is steaming ahead with developments in the IT sector and is positioned to overtake even the real Silicon Valley as IT organizations and software programmers continue to flood into the city. It is now one of the top global destinations for technical talent as Bangalore has become the preferred place for technology startups with many moving from Silicon Valley to set up shop here. These firms are apparently hiring younger engineers and technology workers to keep costs down contributing to the changing demographics. As cloud and mobile based technologies become the preferred options to store and access data, location becomes irrelevant, placing IT companies in Bangalore in advantageous positions to easily access customers around the globe. The exciting goings on here is expected to aid Bangalore to overtake the technology workforce of Silicon Valley by 2020. The influx of young talent that the IT boom has generated has made Bangalore very much a happening place with pubs, bars, clubs, lounges and restaurants catering to a crowd that works and party hard. Pubs that serve craft beer and great wines from nearby wineries add to the exciting food and beverage options here. It has been said that the overall setup in Bangalore attracts young technology workers like a magnet.

Uditha Dharmawardhane is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Roland Lefevre. He specializes in creating features on leisure as well as business travel destinations across the globe. Google+

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