Little India Attractions, a unique experience

Visitors to Singapore should take the opportunity to visit one of the city’s most fascinating enclaves, Little India. Lively chatter, bicycle bells and a multitude of car horns greet travellers who venture into this unique part of Singapore. There is no doubt that this is a genuinely Indian section of the metropolis, with its unmistakable sights and sounds. 
Much of the locality’s appeal lies in the fact that many traditional modes of life are still practiced here, in the numerous alleys, roadsides and back lanes. Newspaper sellers on the roadsides, fortune tellers with their parrots, vendors with pushcarts selling roasted nuts and jasmine garlands sold by flower traders are just a few of the charming sights to be experienced.
Serangoon Road and its quaint inner streets, namely Dunlop Street, Campbell Lane and Hindon Road are filled with the heady aromas of blossoms and spices. Here you will find stalls selling such exotic products as incense, gold, an assortment of fabrics and Ayurvedic massaging oils. Visitors should also take the opportunity to visit the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, devoted to the goddess Kali, for a glimpse of fascinating Hindu rituals. 
One of the highlights of a visit to Little India will be the chance to indulge in a late night shopping excursion at the Mustafa Centre, a shopping emporium open 24 hours. Although it has an unpretentious exterior, the complex offers a diverse array of foodstuff, household knick-knacks, decorative items, electronic goods, textiles and apparel, Indian spices and more, at surprising bargain prices. Other attractions in Little India include sari stores, art galleries and shops vending Bollywood records.
Whilst in Little India make it a point to sample the authentic Indian cuisine which is tasty and often inexpensive. You may dine in well-known restaurants offering spicy South Indian specialties, or choose to sample the plentiful and enticing hawker food, considered to be amongst the best in Singapore. Local treats include thosai, pancakes Indian style, and roti prata, a flat bread. With all this on offer, no visitor leaves the enclave disappointed.
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