A Visit to Chandigarh, India – Going green all the way

If you want to see the cleanest and most green city in India, a trip to Chandigarh in North of India might be a great idea.

Pinjore Garden Chandigarh India , Img via  Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 3.0


Most people don’t have Chandigarh on their list of destinations when they visit India, even travel agencies in Sri Lanka might sometimes overlook the city. Contrary to popular opinion, Chandigarh is not crowded and polluted like the major cities in the north and is a refreshing pollution free change for any traveller before they head off into the mountains in Manali.

If you are travelling with a travel agency like My Prime Trip Powered by Hemas Travels, for instance, customize your itinerary and place Chandigarh as a pit stop before the hills, and believe us, it will be worth your effort.

Why you should visit

Being the first planned city in India, Chandigarh has great open spaces, parks, gardens, lakes and many more natural beauties that are placed in such a way that the concrete city buildings don’t loom over the skyline and create a fog like in the other cities.


A must visit in Chandigarh is the Rock Garden, as every item on display in the garden was made with urban and industrial waste. Founded by Nek Chand back in 1957, this garden spreads over a massive 40 acres and is a good place to spend a relaxed evening in.

About 10 minutes away from the garden, you can find the man-made Sukhna Lake, the Open Hand Monument, and the Capitol Complex.

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