The Doorway to South India

Chennai is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is located on the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal, it is the biggest industrial and commercial center in South India. Chennai is also a major cultural, economic and educational center. Chennai is known as the “Detroit of India” for its automobile industry. As a growing metropolitan city in a developing country, Chennai confronts substantial urban pollution, traffic congestion, poverty, overpopulation, and other logistic and socio-economic problems. Chennai is the fifth-largest city and fourth-most populous metropolitan area in the country and 31st-largest urban area in the world. The Somerset Greenways Chennai is one of the most luxurious and finest serviced Chennai Apartments. The Somerset Greenways Chennai is located just 10 minutes from the central business district in Chennai, guests can travel conveniently throughout the city while enjoying the comforts of home with designer layouts, furnishings and facilities presented at these contemporary serviced apartments.

Chennai, sometimes referred to as the “Gateway to South India,” This city is located on the south–eastern coast of India in the north–eastern part of Tamil Nadu on a flat coastal plain known as the Eastern Coastal Plains. Two major rivers flow through Chennai, the Cooum River (or Koovam) through the center and the Adyar River to the south. Chennai is one of the major destinations for medical tourism. It is considered as one of the world’s fastest growing cities although ranks 13th in terms of cleanliness. As Chennai is gateway to the South, and its culture is distinctly different from that of any other city in India. Tamil tradition and culture are indigenous to this region and is essentially the celebration of the beauty, which is exemplified through dance, clothing, and sculptures. There are many kovils, temples and places of worship in this city. Many pilgrims visit Chennai for religious purposes. There are also many shopping malls and complexes which are very large in size and is modern, offering international retail shops and brands.

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