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Indulge in a unique Shopping Experience in Goa – Top Three Markets to Check Out


While Goa is synonymous with heavenly tropical beaches and pulsing nightlife, a shopping expedition at one of its exotic markets is a must! The Arpora Saturday Night Market A favorite included in many a shop guide, it’s the biggest and best. Quality saris, sarongs, artisan jewelry, souvenirs, and spices can be found here. Live music, great bars and food stalls selling local food make it THE place to get the party started on a Saturday night. …

The Dungeshwari Cave – The Birthplace of Modern Buddhism


Buddhism has become the fourth most popular religion in the world, with more than 500-million followers world-wide. Many however, tend to overlook the birthplace of Buddhism. Background During the early days of his quest for enlightenment, the Buddha believed that the path towards it involved extreme asceticism. At one point he starved himself to the point of death in hopes of overcoming suffering and achieving enlightenment, it was after this that he accepted a bowl …

The Importance of Bodhgaya – Spiritual Destinations in Bodhgaya


Many of the religious leaders of the world have emerged from Asia where civilizations have been in existence for several millennia. India alone boasts of being home to quite a few of these leaders. Maha Bodhi Complex Maha Bodhi can be translated to ‘Noble Tree. Though the original Bo Tree, where Lord Buddha attained the supreme bliss of enlightenment is believed to have not survived, it is confirmed through literature that the presently flourishing Bo …