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Boat Rides in Poovar River: A Soothing Experience


Selected as the “State of States”, the Indian state of Kerala is extremely popular for its thriving tourist allure and gorgeous beaches. This natural beauty combined with the colourful cultural atmosphere of the State makes Kerala a must visit for any tourist in India. While there are around ten thousand festivals held and celebrated by the people of Kerala including harvest festivals, and temple festivals, Kerala also boasts of a delectable cuisine which does not …

Kathakali Traditional Dance, a unique form of artistic expression


Kathakali is a unique and distinctive form of dance native to the Indian state of Kerala. It is considered to be one of India’s most esteemed artistic styles and a magnificent achievement of the imagination. This stylized form of entertainment featuring a blending of dance and drama enacts stories from Hindu myth and legend, such as the Mahabharata, Ramayana and other epics. In its original form the dance form only featured men, but in latter …

Elliot’s Beach – Immerse in the tranquillity of the nature


Whether you are in Chennai for business or leisure, centrally located Chennai service apartments will always let you explore all the best venues and attractions in the city. Somerset Greenways Chennai is one of the top serviced apartments Chennai has in store for you which will give you easy access to all the top attractions in the area. One of the must visit places when you are in Chennai is the Eliot’s beach which is known as the cleanest …