Cholamandal Artist’s Village in Chennai – Birthplace of World Class Art

For centuries India has been a favourite in the world of various arts, with a deep sense of creativity in its artists that corresponds with the unique culture of the country. From paintings and sculptures to intricately designed jewellery and fabrics, all these Indian creations are eye catching for the distinctive style that they show off. In recent times the styles of these artists have become popular worldwide with a great demand for these products among those who have an eye for fine art. When visiting India there is much of this attractive art on show and for sale, and art lovers should head down to the Cholamandal Artist’s Village in Chennai for a fine display of India’s skills.
The Cholamandal Artist’s Village in Chennai stretches over a large area, where several artists spend their time creating exquisite art. It is one of the few art colonies in the world, and a place where art graduates are given an opportunity to further develop their skills after their studies, rather than moving away from the field in order to make a living. As the sales of the beautiful art created sustains the village the artists are able to focus on their creativity rather than anything else, and the result is reflected in the high quality of their work. In the village there are permanent exhibitions, and some of the artists have had their work displayed all across India and even in the rest of the world.
The artists in this community create a wide range of inspired pieces, from paintings capturing various styles to sculptures made of an assortment of materials. Yet it is fairly affordable and visitors will find creations to match any taste within the works of the many resident artists. The artist’s village also hosts various workshops and events that will develop the creative mind and participants are ensured a pleasing experience. There are places for visitors to sit back and relax on the premises, amidst the village’s tranquil surroundings. It is a great place for those serious about art to visit and take in a great experience.

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