Experience the Ladakh Festival in India

Ladhak Festival is a festivity that is filled with much joy and vibe. It is basically a fiesta which attracts many spectators from all over the globe which is filled with much joy and warmth. The festival starts off with a lengthy procession where the cultural events performed by local communities including kids and adults both perform various cultural items. The whole array of festivity is made vibrant with the yak dances, wild lion music presentations and exhibitions as well as food stalls with the most scrumptious delicacies to boost up your taste buds. A person experiencing the procession would definitely get a carnival feeling because the girls are dressed in beautiful colored clothing which adds up much light to the event.

The purpose of this festival is to promote the ancient cultural performing arts of the Ladhak Festival in India. While you are in India for this absolutely spectacular event you would get to know much about the heritage and the hospitality of the folks when you mingle around with them. When the long parade comes to a halt at the polo ground of Leh there are some more performances taken place to entertain the massive crowd. A musical concert, non stop shows, folk dances, lama dances are staged for a fortnight just to entertain you. The archery events taken place at the festival are the most intriguing and the most anticipated. You would get a chance of watching this if you head to Skara. If you want to enjoy for a long time this is where you should go to where you can have a weeklong of fun and frolic with great activities like water rafting, polo matches and trekking.

It is certain that you would have an unforgettable time getting around with the fellow Indians while at the festival. The Surya New Delhi would be an ideal place to try out on your New Delhi trip which is a 5 Star Hotels in Delhi. If travellers want some lavishing comforts on their visit to India for Ladakh Festival Luxury Hotels in Delhi are the best of its kind.

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