Lal Bagh – A Gem in Bangalore

Thousands visit India every year because the diverse cultures and styles of this large nation are nothing short of exquisite. For centuries colourful traditions and ethnic individuality has blossomed in the country, and there are so many of these various cultures that there is much to see and experience in the country. Monumental historical sites and shopping with great bargains are also attractions that draw a great number of visitors into the country. One of the most interesting Indian cities to visit for these purposes is Bangalore, the capital of the state of Karnataka. Visitors here will have their days full with the vast selection of experiences to engage in, but when they are in want of some peace and relaxation, the place that they should head over is the Lal Bagh.

The Lal Bagh in Bangalore is an amazing botanical garden, whose beauty has earned it the name pendant in the city’s necklace of gardens. The gardens have an interesting history as its origins date back to the 1700’s, when it was set up by the ruler Hyder Ali. Originally the gardens reflected a glorious Mughal style but many subsequent additions were made to it by his son while later western colonizers too contributed to this change. Through the years experimentation by various horticulture enthusiasts have resulted in an amalgamation of greenery and flora from across the world. There are thousands of species of plants in the garden including some rare breeds, making it an exquisite place to visit.

Spending time in the gardens is pleasant as there is a peaceful ambiance as well as much shade and serenity all around. Visitors here will find a beautiful glass house that reflects the design of London’s crystal tower, as well as the Kempegowda Tower which is a historical construction. The lakes and water bodies on the premises also make it a pleasant place to visit. Another thrill for visitors is bird watching as there are many colorful and intriguing species that frequent the Lal Bagh Gardens. Musical shows and performances put on in the gardens will make a visit especially special for visitors. This is a place that anyone staying in Bangalore should take the time to visit.

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