Temples in Chennai – A World of Color, Rituals and Piety

Chennai is a city in India with a very deep sense of spirituality. It is a city engrossed in culture tradition and pleasing the Gods. In every nook and corner of Chennai, a symbol of this spirituality can be experienced. Predominantly Hindu, Chennai is dotted with an array of places of worship. Each temple is a monument of beauty and comes with its own tale, historic significance and spectacular architecture.

The temples of Chennai come in a variety of structures, sizes and historical significances. Some of them go as far back as the 800 AD and others were more recently constructed. The old temples in particular have attached to them rich mythology and have sculptures that are spectacular in craftsmanship. Several cultural rituals also take place in such temples owing to the ancient beliefs that are associated with them. Some of them are sites of pilgrimages while others are places where known miracles have taken place.

It is not difficult to go about Chennai and find such places of worship. However there are several ‘Temple Tour’ packages that enable you to cover the most important places of worship depending on the time you have at hand.

Some of the must see temples in Chennai include the Parathasarhy temples; a temple where Lord Krishna is worshipped, the Kapaleeswarar Temple, a 7th century temple dedicated to the granting of wishes, the Sri Vadapalani Andavar Temple; very popular among Chennai celebrities, the Ashtalakshmi Temple and the Kaligambal Temple are among others. The names of the temples in Chennai are almost exhaustive and each comes with its packages of significances. So go spend a day out touring these places of worship and prepare to be awed by the intensity of faith and spectacle of beauty.

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