Sun, Sea and Frolic – Palolem Beach

Located in the West of India is the state Goa, India’s smallest yet most popular tourist state. Known for its tropical beauty and bustling economy, Goa has emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations due to its beautiful beaches, diverse flora and fauna, its many historic and cultural attractions, and its thriving nightlife. While other states may boast of offering you a truly Indian experience, Goa offers you an experience that is both Indian, as well as tranquil and relaxing.

Goa is home to many beautiful beaches, and one of its most serene and pristine beaches is the Palolem Beach. Located in South India, the Palolem Beach is one of the most visited beaches by tourists and locals alike, and boasts of a tranquil and serene tropical experience. If you wish to bask in the sun amidst beautiful coconut palms, golden sandy beaches, while being caressed by the gentle Indian breeze, then Palolem Beach is where you should be.
Stretching for over one mile, the Palelom Beach offers untarnished and pristine waters and golden sandy beaches which are of immense beauty. Lined with coconut palms leaning towards the ocean, this beach is an excellent location to spend the day with the family and loved ones. The climate of this area is moderate, and the waters are not known to be rough, making it ideal for frolicking in the sand or for a relaxing dip in the waters of the Indian Ocean. The beach is also known for its unique culture of Beach Cottages, inhabited by people of various nationalities and communities. The beach and its waters are also suitable for a wide range of fun and adventurous activities such boat rides, scuba diving, fishing trips, and dolphin watching. The surrounding area of this beach is also known for its many restaurants, shops and attractions, offering a taste of the culture of this area. Although the beach is sometimes crowded, at the end of the day, this beach is sure to leave you with lasting memories of the tranquil ambience and the exotic Indian culture for which this beach is renowned for.

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