The Bodhi tree – The sacred symbol of Buddhism!

The Bodhi tree is the sacred tree and one of the most sacred symbols of Buddhism. It is believed that Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment by meditating under this tree and it was worshipped ever since, read on to know more about the Bodhi tree at Bodhgaya which is regarded as the birthplace of Buddhism.

බිඟුවා, SriMahaBodiyaRanVeta, CC BY-SA 3.0

The Site and the tree

Located 62 miles to the South of the city of Patna in the Indian state of Bihar, lies one of the most sacred places in Buddhism; Bodhgaya, The place where Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment. In the exact place today where the legends say that he meditated under a Bodhi tree, houses another tree that is believed to be grown from the sapling of the original Maha Bodhi which is now revered by Buddhist from all over the world.

The monastery

The sacred Bodhi tree is surrounded by a monastery which was built by king Ashoka during 250BC. Today the monastery provides refuge to Buddhist devotees from all over the world and it is home to monks, yogis and sages.

Stories of the tree

Legends say that the tree was cut down and destroyed several times, but it continued to grow again at the same place. It is also said that the daughter of Kings Ashoka, Bikkuni Sangamitta had taken a sapling from the ancient tree to Sri Lanka, as an effort to spread the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Visiting Bodhgaya

If you are intrigued by the stories of the ancient tree and are interested in ancient iconography you can witness the tree when you visit the sacred city of Bodhgaya, it is easily accessible by taxi from any hotels in Bodhgaya the likes of Oaks Bodhgaya. Visiting the ancient sight and seeing the magnificent tree will certainly be an experience worth your while.


The Maha Bodhi located in Bodhgaya is a spectacle to witness. The tree which is recognisable by its heart-shaped leaves; the Bodhi tree is one of the most revered objects of Buddhism.



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