The Madras Crocodile Bank – We Don’t Bite!

Every animal has our sympathy, except when it is a crocodile. These gnarly toothed, rough-skinned reptiles are feared by many, after years of them being given the villain’s role in fairy tales and novels.

Leigh Bedford, Nile crocodile headCC BY 2.0

Founded by 2 men who loved crocodiles like their own children, this trust in Chennai’s sole purpose is to protect the reptiles, and if history speaks for itself, they have been doing a successful job for the past 40 years.

No machine-readable author provided. Fafner assumed (based on copyright claims)., Natrix natrix persa3CC BY-SA 3.0

They began housing lizards and snakes after the initial success, and that’s when they became, The Madras Crocodile Bank Trust Centre for Herpetology.

This crocodile bank is a must visit if you are in Chennai and want to step away from the bustling city and people for a while. Though this centre is located along the coast and away from the city, you can find a few choice 5-star hotels in Chennai that are close to ECR, like Tuurya Chennai, for example.

The Madras Crocodile Bank offers night safaris for the wilder and more daring travellers in you. Spend a day or night with these reptiles to find out how cute they can be when left alone in their natural habitats.

Touring the Crocodile Bank with your children will surely be an educational and enlightening part of the trip and something they wouldn’t forget for years to come.

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