Basilica of Bom Jesus Goa – a must visit when in Goa

basilica of bom jesus goa india

Basilica of Bom Jesus – Front view , Pixabay

India has a culture that is so diverse that any visitor who sets foot into the country is lucky enough to find many attractions and places that they could visit and enjoy during their stay. When travelling to the West Coast of India, most tend to visit the once Portuguese Colony, Goa; which is still rich in its culture and history.Most people visit this city for its breathtakingly beautiful beaches, however, the number of architectural wonders in it should be included in the must see places list for anyone.

Among the local cultural tourist attractions of Goa, the Basilica of Bom Jesus is listed as a popular visiting spot on many online travel blogs such as Well Known Places. The 400-year-old church is famous as the resting place of St.Francis Xavier whose body is considered to be immortal.

Every ten years a festival is held to show the body of St.Francis Xavier to the millions of people who gather at the Basilica. The basilica is dedicated to infant Jesus. The name Bom Jesus means infant Jesus or good Jesus.

Red brick walls of the church with the ancient architectural design are a beautiful site to the eye. The building rises up to three stories and is a combination of architectural styles. Even though the basilica is partly in ruins, once you enter the church building, the tranquillity welcomes you and puts your mind at ease.

From the marble floors with inlaid precious stones to the delicate carvings on the pillars of the wall, everything inside the basilica is definitely a sight to see. This world renowned church is identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thousands of visitors from around the world visit the Basilica each year to witness this simple but elegant architectural masterpiece.

There will be freelance guides to direct you along and explain you all the intricate details of the building giving you an ample amount of knowledge on this beautiful building.

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