The Thai Monastery Bodhgaya – A Thai Sanctum in the Scared Bodhgaya

Bodhagaya is mostly known for its significance in Buddhism and is popular among pilgrims as the place where the Buddha obtained enlightenment. The sacred Mahabodhi temple is surrounded by temples from majority Buddhist countries, the likes of Thailand, Sri Lanka and China.

Thai-India relations

The Thai Monastery of Bodhgqaya is the only Thai temple in India and was built by the patronage of the Monarch of Thailand upon the request of Prime Minister Jawahal Nehru to spread the teachings of Buddhism in India and strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two nations.

Thai influence

From its sloping curved roofs to the varied depictions of the Buddha placed throughout the temple with a detailed 25-meter-high sculptor of Lord Buddha erected at the entrance of the temple itself there is an underlaying theme of classic Thai artisanship and culture.

Facilities & Activities

Every January join the retreats that are arranged for 135 of those who want to immerse in the experience of Vipassana Yoga, escape through meditation and learn the teachings and awakening of Buddhism. Expect to let go of practices such as smoking since it is considered a sinful indulge yet the monastery holds interactive sessions that deal with the day-to-day issues of life and liberations.


In Bodghaya, hotels are sparsely located to accommodate this serene setting that surrounds the area due to the caliber of temples present. If you are planning to stay close to the monastery check out Oaks Bodhgaya  which is only 3.7 km away from the Mahabodhi temple and the different monasteries within the area.

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