The Mahabodhi Temple – Mystical and enthralling!

The fascinating Mahabodhi Temple has the distinction of probably being the temple in India that is most commonly featured in picture postcards depicting the country. Read on to know more facts.

Mahabodhi Temple by : Amita Sharma  via Flickr , CC0

The remarkable Mahabodhi Temple is one of India’s renowned shrines that will undoubtedly capture the interest of the visitor. This temple is famous as the sacred ground where Lord Buddha formulated his philosophy of life and attained enlightenment. It has a rich history that runs back to the 6th century AD and its religious and historical significance has made it a magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The religious complex features 50 m high grand Temple, sacred Bodhi Tree, the Vajirasana and six sacred sites of Buddha’s enlightenment that are surrounded by a number of Votive stupas. The classical style of Indian architecture is well portrayed in the temple. A small sanctum inside the temple indicates a gilded statue of the seated Buddha. The most important highlight is the giant Bodhi Tree under which the Buddha spend his First Week.

Those who are holidaying at a hotel in Bodhgaya the likes of Oaks Bodhgaya, should definitely visit the place since it will take only 10 minutes to reach the temple.

What to expect
Those visiting this holy site believe that once worshipped it will absolve all worries in life. This is an ideal place to meditate and experience your inner peace. Make sure that you follow the required etiquette before entering the temple.


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