Hesaraghatta Lake – Calm waters in the midst of a stormy metropolis


When you’re in the bustling city of Bangalore, whether it’s for business or pleasure, take some time out to explore the scenic features of the Hesaraghatta Lake, a unique water body with a charming array of tales to tell. The city is home to some excellent 5 star Bangalore hotels that provide the perfect base from which to explore the wonders of this lively city. Consider checking into the Alila Bangalore, one of the best Bangalore luxury hotels that will take care of all the details to help you enjoy your time here. A most agreeable past time comes in the form of exploring the Hesaraghatta Lake area for a welcome respite out in nature, when the concrete jungle gets a little much. A manmade freshwater lake located a short 18km northwest of Bangalore, it was created in 1894 to provide water to the city. In recent years, the level of water in the lake has deteriorated, leading to fervent calls for restoration. Despite its condition, it is home to a profuse range of avian life in the form of some beautiful kingfishers boasting their gleaming sapphire feathers, as well as the magpie robin, Brahminy Kites, black drongos, purple sunbirds, greater coucals, bulbuls, and the like. Spotted eagles have also been sighted in the lake’s outer perimeters. The lake is also close to the famous Nrityagram, which is a residential dance school that aims to restore and foster appreciation for classical Indian dance forms.

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