Thottikallu falls –a Seasonal waterfall

Popularly known as TK Falls, the ThottiKallu Falls located off the Kanakpura Roadin Bangalore is quite an unexpected treat. Ideal for an adventure seeker, this scenic fall is located at the end of a small jungle trail leading from the side of the temple, across a stream, a few rocks and grassy lands. Reserve one of the finest 5 star Bangalore hotels such as the Alila Bangalore  rated among the top Bangalore luxury hotels for your stay as this would most definitely add value to your trip. The road to Thottikallu falls is a path not much travelled as only a very few know of this place. Therefore, serenity and calmness is guaranteed once you visit these beautiful falls not to mention the breathtaking view of the serenely cascading water gushing down the rocks. The best time to visit is right after the monsoons when the waterfall cascades down in its full glory.


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