Colva Beach – A quaint fishing village on Goa’s beautiful coast

A charming little cultural enclave on Goa’s pristine coastal belt comes in the form of Colva Beach, which is replete with history, multi-cultural influences and of course, a serene tropical beachfront. For visitors wanting to get away from it all and soak in the benefits of a tropical paradise, a Goa resort located close to Colva beach is the Alila Diwa. With warm Indian hospitality and five star interiors and service, this is one beach resort in Goa that guarantees an unforgettable stay in one of India’s most beautiful regions. Colva Beach was a largely untouched strip of pristine sand before the Portuguese made it their own during the early sixteenth century. The degree of intermarriage with the local Goud Saraswat Brahmin people means that the current local population of Colva is immensely diverse. When you’re here, a must-visit site is the beautiful Our Lady of Mercy Catholic church, with its impressive white-washed façade and breathtaking classical architecture within. The church houses the famous statue of the baby Jesus believed to have miraculous healing powers. The village boasts a few beaches that are idea for sunbathing, relaxing with a novel or water sports, and Colva Beach is the main locale, with Sunset Beach and Baywatch Beach as less congested options. The food in Colva is out of this world, with the main ingredient being fish, of course, livened up through a variety of spicy Indian culinary methods. Fish curry infused with aromatic herbs and spices and steaming white rice are the staple meal, and other meat curries created using a variety of ingenious methods are also great experiences for the experimental palate. Starters come in the form of semolina prawns, beef croquettes and fried mussels, while a decadent Christmas desert is the bebinca, which is a multi-layered egg-based sweet delight. In all, Colva opens up a sumptuous experiential feast so dive right in when you’re in the area!

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