Sri Aurobindo Ashram – The Discovery of Inner Peace

The great leader who first put forth the controversial idea of complete independence for India, the founder of what is known as integral yoga and the writer of the books titled Savitri and The Life Divine is the simple but educated gentleman by the name of Sri Aurobindo. Born in Calcutta but educated in London, this visionary was even imprisoned in his struggle for peace, democracy and independence for his mother nation. Once the battle was won and justice was meted, he pursued his spiritual interests in the city of Pondicherry in southern India.
Today many of those who go in search of Pondicherry Accommodation are those who wish to visit his ashram, understand and practice the deep spiritual insights which he left behind as a legacy. The ashram itself has limited accommodation, but the area of Pondicherry which is not the most developed in terms of tourism has a few splendid abodes such as the Hotel Atithi, where one can truly relax one’s nerves before entering the sanctified premises of the ashram where your mind is instantly put at ease, in spite of its location on a busy street.
The ashram complex consists of a library where the doctrine of integral yoga and its many embellishments can be found. It is a way of living where each person realizes consciously of his or her true self without being delusional about the truth. Certain areas of the complex can be accessed by all but passes are required to enter certain chambers, hence remember to contact the office before walking in.
Much of the work was inspired by Sri Aurobindo himself but he was aided most dexterously by a lady known as the Mother. They worked towards releasing reviews and publications periodically and developed the ashram to a centre of meditation and internal cleansing and to date this legacy which is almost a century old, lives on.

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