Best time to visit Bodh-Gaya – Embark on a Spiritual Journey

Buddhism is a religion that is embraced by a majority of Sri Lanka. However, the roots of Buddhism are believed to have originated in Eastern India. One of the most venerated and sacred places that are popular among Buddhist pilgrims is Bodh – Gaya. This is the birth place of Sri Siddhartha Gautama who later gained enlightenment and became Lord Buddha. He is believed to have attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree which is currently housed inside the temple complex. Each year thousands of Buddhists from all across the world come to worship this sacred venue.

From Sri Lanka as well there are large numbers of pilgrims who make their way to this sacred site. You can find many a Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour offered by various travel companies.Sri Lanka Travel Agents have been organising such tours for a long period of time and have won the trust of most pilgrims. They provide custom packages to most of the pilgrims to match their budget as well as the length of stay.

Visitors to Bodh – Gaya arrives all year round. Due to its popularity among the Buddhist scholars and pilgrims often flock here regardless of the season. However what is regarded as the peak season is October up until March. This is when the weather is moderate and pleasant and makes visiting the various attractions in the town easier. The months starting from March till June are the summer period in Bodh Gaya. The days being extremely hot, the temperature has a tendency to reach 47 degrees Celsius. However regardless of the weather, most pilgrims come here during Buddha Jayanthi, to celebrate the birth of Lord Buddha and the whole town is decked up in celebration.

The monsoon season in Bodh Gaya falls between June and September. This period brings on rains accompanied by humidity. The humid weather may not be ideal for daytime sightseeing, however, those who prefer fewer crowds come here during this time. November to February is the peak where pilgrims come from all over the world to enrol into various courses and undertake various spiritual paths.

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