Bangalore Palace – where history meets grandeur

The Indian state of Karnataka sprawls along the Deccan Plateau and is a proud part of one of the world’s most dynamic nations, India. Nicknamed the Garden City, Bangalore is now officially known to be the capital of Karnataka. Over the years since 1537, Bangalore gathered modern written history of continuous settlements, although however, historical references state that the city predate AD 900. The city still holds remnants of its political and military past including the time when it was under the rule of the British colony.

Bangalore one of the world’s fastest growing metropolises houses some of the many renowned research institutions and colleges in India. The city also reflects its domination as being the hub of commercial activity, housing numerous telecommunications, software companies, heavy industries and defence organizations. Its role as India’s leading IT exporter has brought its name synonymous with the Silicon Valley of India.

Built by Rev. Garrett the grand Bangalore Palace was constructed to appear as a smaller replica of the Windsor Castle in England. In 1862 the construction of the Bangalore Palace commenced and it was finally completed much later in 1944. Initially the Maharaja of Mysore acquired the Palace in 1884 and the ownership is now held by the current heir of the Mysore royal family. The Palace elegantly sprawls across a floor area of 45,000 square feet covering over 400 acres in total land area.

The architectural structure of the Palace reflects Tudor style with battlements, turrets and fortified towers. Elegant floral motifs, relief paintings and graceful wood carvings detailed the interior designs, complete with Victorian and neo-classical furniture. The Palace underwent complete renovations in recent times, perfected with the addition of mirrors and stained glass and wooden fans. Over the years the Palace became home to many other elegant furnishing accessories that adorned the premises and sprawling hallways, blending a variety of architectural designs and structural styles.

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