Explore Araku Valley’s Iconic Geological Wonders at the Borra Caves

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Regarded as one of the most curious tourist attractions along the eastern cost of India the Borra Caves are no ordinary geographical anomalies in Andhra Pradesh’s Visakhapatnam district. Dubbed Borra Guhalu in the local tongue of Telengu the caves form one of the largest cave complexes in all of India. Occupying the Ananthagiri Hills tucked away within the verdant confines of Araku Valley the Borra Caves is a must-visit highlight for all visitors exploring the natural wonders of the region. Towering above the surrounding landscape at an impressive height of 2313 feet or 705m the Borra Caves can also be described as a collection of Karstic limestone crevices that form some of the deepest caves in the entire country with certain areas reaching depths of up to 262 feet.

As a series of speleothems the venue is renowned across the country for its disfigured stalagmites and stalactites. Uncovered as far back as 1807 by a Geological Survey of India official by the name of William King George the locale has become a popular tourist haunt with regular guided tours organized by the Andhra Pradesh State Tourism Department. Having served as an iconic fixture for decades numerous legends regarding the caves have established themselves within the realms of local folklore. One such legend told by the area’s tribal inhabitants speaks of a humble cowherd who unearths the Lingam of Lord Shiva while looking for a member of his flock while another states that the sacred Lingam of Lord Shiva is contained within the cave concealed with a stone sculpture of a cow. A tiny Hindu shrine devoted to Lord Shiva is found near the caves and serves as a place of worship for locals even today.

The floral species and fauna found inside the Borra Caves are equally intriguing as some of the highlight animal inhabitants of the cave complex include the illusive golden gecko as well as fruit bats. Protected by the Environmental Protection Act the flora species in the caves which includes endangered plant species as well as various types of algae and moss are also worthy of closer inspection when touring the caves.

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