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Calico Textile Museum – Telling the Tale of Indian Textiles


Located in Ahmadabad in the state of Gujarath, India, is the Calico Textile Museum. This iconic landmark in Ahmadabad boasts a proud tradition of preserving and prompting the Indian textile industry, and also tells the tale of how the industry has developed over the years. If you are looking for great 5 star hotels Ahmadabad Gujarat, make a reservation at the elegant and luxurious The Gateway Hotel Ummed Ahmadabad. The Calico Textile Museum is a great …

Calico Textile Museum Where a Rich Riot of Color and Tradition is Displayed


The Calico Textile Museum stands as an embodiment of the timeless splendor of the rich riot of color and texture of Indian fabrics, encapsulating the very essence of Indian arts and crafts of many a generation of veterans. The museum is indeed one that must be visited when in the beautiful Gujarat as it can most certainly lend much color and delight to the holiday that you would spend being pampered with the traditional Indian …