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Gurdwara Bangla Sahib- A Monument to a Sikh Guru in New Delhi


New Delhi is today a city of two facets, one that showcases the rapid economic development of India and the other that depicts the continuing spirituality and cultural richness of a nation that is truly a kaleidoscope of religion. India is unique among many other countries of the world as it is a nation that is home to many religions and cultures. This multicultural and multi-religious society has made India a unique travel destination that …

Qutub Festival in New Delhi – Celebrating Sufi Culture in New Delhi


New Delhi is a city that depicts two aspects of India that have become well known among travellers. On the one hand is the new modern face of India, which embraces consumerism with huge shopping malls and chic boutiques and on the other, is the older image which is one of culture and religion. In New Delhi the new and old India exist side by side with travellers being able to enjoy the best of …

The Pride of Delhi – Qutub Minar


New Delhi, the capital city of India, is a city known for its exotic beauty and heritage. Serving as the seat of the executive, legislative and judiciary arms of the Government of India, New Delhi is also a popular tourist destination of India. The city is known for its rich historical heritage, vibrant culture, colourful society, and many historic and recreational monuments. One of the most amazing attractions which can be seen from almost all …