Bangalore Palace – A fairytale medieval castle in the heart of Bangalore

The Bangalore Palace is an ancient medieval castle located in the heart of the Bangalore city. History lovers’ will be in for a treat as the place resembles the Windsor Castle in England and is designed in a Tudor style architectural manner. Covering an area of 430 acres, the castle was built in 1887 by the Wodeyar dynasty and is surrounded by a lush garden. This historical structure is a picturesque sight to behold amid India’s urban environment as it has a fairytale look with its turrets, battlements, arches and Gothic windows.

Much of the Bangalore Palace comprises of a lot of elaborated woodwork that is to be admired. The Castle is also renowned for its extensive beautiful 19th century paintings and carvings that are found within its ancient walls. Just before entering, take a moment to appreciate the delicately carved door panel.

The interior of the Bangalore Palace gives out a majestic aura as the place is filled with elaborate floral décor, cornices, artwork and lovely ceiling paintings. Upon entering, you will come to a courtyard that contains blue ceramic tiled granite seats and adjoining it stands a ballroom that was once used by the King. Connected by a staircase covered by paintings on its walls, the first floor’s main attraction is the spectacular Durbar Hall which is an ornately decorated room where private parties of the King were held. The room is dominated by a mounting of an elephant head, and is home to beautiful art displays and has a set of exquisite stained glass windows on one side of it.

Today, the venue of the Bangalore Castle is a popular one for holding events like concerts, exhibitions and cultural programs. Famous groups and singers like Bryan Adams, the Scorpions and the Rolling Stones have performed here in the past.

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