Vidhan Soudha- an imposing display of Indian State unity and history

The bustling industrial city of Bangalore is the third largest city in India and the capital of the State of Karnataka. Originally a simple mud brick fort, it evolved during British rule into the Bangalore Cantonment. Today it is a mainstay to many industrial sectors, of which IT is the most popular. It is considered the Silicone Valley of India due to the high concentration of tech based firms including cutting edge industries such as Aerospace and Defence.

As with all prominent cities in India, Bangalore has a rich history that has provided many interesting attractions for visitors to take in. But none represent the true power and strength of Bangalore and its home state than the impressively imposing Vidhan Soudha. This massively regal building is home to the Karnataka legislative seat and is built following what is widely known as the Neo Dravidian style.

The striking granite building was commissioned in 1951 and completed by 1956. A unique perspective of its grandness can be gained on Sundays and public holidays when the structure is illuminated at night, giving it a domineering aura that assists in bringing out its prominence to the surrounding landscape.

Situated below the Vidhan Soudha are the state archives, home to the oldest records and data about the state of Karnataka. Visitors strolling within the complex must visit the Cabinet Room and gaze at the intricately carved sandalwood door. Progressing through the massive structure brings visitors to the Legislative Assembly Chamber and the Legislative Council Chamber, both rooms stretch wide with a semi oval shape congregating to a central point.

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