Bangalore Palace – A Maharajas Palace in the heart of the city

Bangalore Palace in India is a prehistoric building which was built in India by Chamaraja Wodeyar who was the maharaja of the state of Mysore during 1887. This enormous structure began its construction in the year 1862.Chamaraja Wodeyar built the Palace after he was inspired by the Windsor Castle in England and decided to construct a replica of it. The Bangalore Palace is an absolutely intriguing place that any person is certain to fall in love with. Every minute detail from its architecture, interior décor and the garden holds a magnificent touch of elegance and ceremonious beauty.
The architecture of the palace is a blend of Tudor and Indian architecture which brings the significance to its magnificence. The colossal building boasts arches, parapet walls, armoured towers, ramparts which proves top notch structural design of the past. It is believed that even during that time it must have cost around one lakh for its construction and another 10 lakhs for the land. In the earlier days the Bangalore Palace was flourished by enchanting gardens with open areas which are not present today. But however even the remaining gardens have succeeded in giving a heavenly setting to the Palace. The castle spreads over a vast area of 430 acres and is renowned for is impeccably carved woodworks. This 120 year old gigantic monument has become a very popular attraction among the Bangalore visitors at present. The massive towers of the structure contain gothic styled windows, turrets and walls where many of its interior is made complete with exquisite works of wood renowned for its radiant carvings and paintings. The entry way to the castle is through a grand door panel which leads you to a place of dreams.

It has now become a famous venue for many functions, concerts and cultural events. You could relive the delicate architecture of the past by paying a visit to Bangalore Palace which is a most visited place by tourists. Citadines Richmond Bangalore is a Bangalore Service Apartment Accommodation closer to the palace which would definitely make it easier for the visitors on their vacation. Serviced Apartments Bangalore is the best place of choice to spend your Bangalore vacation.

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