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Shopping in Pondicherry – A shopping Paradise


Pondicherry offers inexpensive shopping experience with low or almost no taxes. Known for its traditional doll making, textiles and silks, it is also the origin of several world-class brands in premium-quality leather, pottery, aromatics, fashion and handmade paper. The superb décor boutiques and export-quality antique furniture galleries here are also worth a look-through. Just about everything is within walking distance (and there are plenty of eager rickshaws if not), and the goods on offer are …

Auroville Beach in Pondicherry, a tranquil haven


The city of Pondicherry is always an intriguing place to visit and explore. Visitors seeking Pondicherry accommodation will be pleased by the Hotel Atithi Pondicherry, a well-reputed hotel which offers quality accommodations and courteous hospitality. Visitors to Pondicherry particularly those interested in Indian spirituality should make it a point to visit the renowned Auroville. This remarkable township aims to foster human unity and solidarity bringing together people of all nationalities and ethnicities around the world. This township is …

Pondicherry Botanical Gardens


Enjoying over 170 years of rich history, the gardens were first opened to the public in 1826. The gardens are landscaped resembling French gardening styles and techniques. It has over 1500 species of plants and is quite a popular local attraction. The gardens were enhanced further by the French horticulturist C.S. Perrotet and thus paying homage to his work, the garden preserves his memorial. Due to its legacy, the gardens have always been on every …