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Exploring the George Town Markets and Bazaars in Chennai – Shopping Adventures


If you are looking to shop and soak up some local culture when in Chennai then plan to explore the area known as George Town with its colourful markets and bazaars! A Bit of History George Town dates back to British colonial times when it was referred to as “Black Town”. The city’s first settlement (then called Madras), this locale came up near Fort Saint George and is very much a part of Chennai’s history. …

Jain Temple


Serviced apartments Chennai make for an excellent choice of accommodation and Somerset Greenways Chennai boasts some of the finest Chennai service apartmentsensuring quick access to a plethora of attractions. A place of worship for the followers of Jainism, the Jain Temple has great historical significance. Jain temples are popular for their unique architectural designs. These temples in one part of India are somewhat different from those in another part of the country. Most of these temples are …

Cholamandal Artist’s Village in Chennai – Birthplace of World Class Art


For centuries India has been a favourite in the world of various arts, with a deep sense of creativity in its artists that corresponds with the unique culture of the country. From paintings and sculptures to intricately designed jewellery and fabrics, all these Indian creations are eye catching for the distinctive style that they show off. In recent times the styles of these artists have become popular worldwide with a great demand for these products …