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Durga Puja Celebration in New Delhi


In a land of many societies, religions and cultures, a vibrant land of colour and music, the many festivals in India are celebrated with much fervour and the whole subcontinent puts on a festive air and brings together family and friends to rejoice and enjoy the many festivals. Cities are drenched in colour and beautiful songs are played in every street corner, houses are painted and new clothes are bought and there is none no …

In Tune with the Inner Self – Garden of Five Senses – A Place to Awaken Your Senses


A unique answer to the need of a public space for the people of Delhi to meet and relax, the Garden of Five Senses is a 20 acre space conceived to provide a series of attractions to appeal to all the senses and to provide a respite from the daily grind of their lives. The garden is also the venue for a series of cultural and other festivals throughout the year during the different seasons …

New Delhi Planetarium: Exploring the Celestial Mystery


Some believe that the beginning of the Universe could be traced back to the Big Bang. Others believe that a higher authority, a God, created the Universe. Either way, the existence of the Universe and all things in it has created an insatiable curiousity in mankind and for centuries astronomers and scientists have dedicated their lives to discovering the hidden meaning that has eluded them for so long. The desire to explore this celestial mystery …