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The Dungeshwari Cave – The Birthplace of Modern Buddhism


Buddhism has become the fourth most popular religion in the world, with more than 500-million followers world-wide. Many however, tend to overlook the birthplace of Buddhism. Background During the early days of his quest for enlightenment, the Buddha believed that the path towards it involved extreme asceticism. At one point he starved himself to the point of death in hopes of overcoming suffering and achieving enlightenment, it was after this that he accepted a bowl …

A Visit to Chandigarh, India – Going green all the way


If you want to see the cleanest and most green city in India, a trip to Chandigarh in North of India might be a great idea. About Most people don’t have Chandigarh on their list of destinations when they visit India, even travel agencies in Sri Lanka might sometimes overlook the city. Contrary to popular opinion, Chandigarh is not crowded and polluted like the major cities in the north and is a refreshing pollution free change for …

Sri Aurobindo Ashram – The Discovery of Inner Peace


The great leader who first put forth the controversial idea of complete independence for India, the founder of what is known as integral yoga and the writer of the books titled Savitri and The Life Divine is the simple but educated gentleman by the name of Sri Aurobindo. Born in Calcutta but educated in London, this visionary was even imprisoned in his struggle for peace, democracy and independence for his mother nation. Once the battle …